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Elements 12=stop resizing when placing photo into a document..??


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I have both elements 9 & 12... my problem only happens w/v.12... when I drag/drop an image from photo bin, the image is ALWAYS resized to the size of the host document... both images are same resolution... I've tried re-setting preferences; & re-booting pc... no option to turn this off (??)... I've spent HOURS trying different images... resizing, etc... I have Element v.9 (different pc) which works fine... my next step is to re-install v.12... any other ideas..??

example... open a 400x600 image (72 dpi) either new or existing file... open another 1200x2400 image (72 dpi)... drag-drop image 1 from the photo bin to image 2; but it resizes it to 1200 vertical..??.. I can then resize it; but I wanted it at 100% originally

I'm quite sure this v.12 didn't do this previously... I've been using it for over a year... I really don't want to re-install it if I don't have to

thanks for any help... Robert