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Entire canvas isn't exporting?


So, I've got a weird thing happening with a file right now. Never run into this one before:

I have a 6.25 x 4.25 canvas size. It's full bleed. But when I go to File/Export/Export As...the preview image appears cut off at the top and bottom - by quite a bit. Not just the bleed amount. Is there a setting that might have accidentally gotten messed with that I'm not aware of? When I Save As a PDF, it comes out fine. If I Save As a jpg, it's fine. It's only when I try to export.:banghead:
What do you mean by 'Cut off'...?
Also, if its 'cut off' top and bottom surely its even worse either side....no? (It being wider than it is tall...I assume 6.25 is some sort of dimension?)

You can see the whole image but it is cropped just at the top and bottom?

Doesn't make much sense, sorry.

Can you provide a screenshot to show what you mean?

Sorry. Yes, 6.25 is inches. My bad.

Yes, it's cut off on the sides too, but it was the top/bottom that caught my eye first off. Again, my bad with not giving that detail as well.

So, this is my completed piece...everything looks right in the edit screen.

But this is what I get in the export screen...
Sorry, this just isn't making sense.

From your images it looks like you are trying to export a CMYK PDF file to a jpg image.

This is an unusual combination.

Where did the PDF come from?

What are you ultimately trying to do with this file?
Jpeg is only really any good for web so if that is the case why not just Save For Web from Photoshop? Why the PDF?

Its confusing to say the least.

I cannot replicate the situation with a similar size PDF so I can only assume its something to do with how that PDF was saved and maybe a compatibility issue.

In other words....I just don't know.

If we knew the intended use for this file then maybe we can suggest a better way to handle it.....at the moment its a bit of mess.....in a nice way.

BTW, I was playing with you about the 6.25 thing....I was trying to get you to think 'why' I mentioned it....when it comes to digital images, only, (and that does mean ONLY), pixels matter. Digital images can be printed out at ANY size regardless of pixels so saying an image is 6.25 inches means nothing without also knowing either the pixel dimensions or what you have set the image resolution to.

Just some info padding.

No. It happens with the original PSD as well. I just happened to have the PDF open when I did the screenshot. I'm trying to get a jpg to send via email for use on their website. Obviously the printshop gets the CMYK PDF.
Then there is no need to export...just use Save For Web (Legacy...) and set it to jpg format.

If you know the display size (in PIXELS) of the image when on the web page then set this before adjusting anything else....you'll get a much better result.

The confusingly labelled 'Quality' setting is actually a compression setting...set the preview window to show 'Two Up' and adjust the 'Quality' setting until the output image is acceptable......you should be able to get this down to at least 60-70 before the image noticeably degrades.

You can check the file size at the bottom of the output preview window if the filesize is a limiting issue.

I should note that when I created a new document and copied all the layers to that new document, the problem went away. Still a mystery though.
...I created a new document and copied all the layers to that new document..
You could have used IMAGE > DUPLICATE but never mind, as long as its fixed.

Sorry I couldn't find a more elegant solution for you.....or a reason as to why it happened in the first place.