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I am looking for a consultant to help our company see the efficiency of Photoshop in terms of optimizing images in a timely fashion for our website. Currently, we take photos of our antique items (a table, a chair, a desk, etc.) and then I photoshop them. I scale down the raw image and then take that and copy and paste it to a solid 544x544 background which I have loaded at the same time and that is the image which goes on our website.

What I would like is to pay someone who knows how, to create a custom optimization formula. Is there a way for a user to have a formula or some type of photoshop script whereby placing images a folder will run that formula or script and optimize ALL the images at once provided the procedure is exactly the same for each photo?

Take a look at the below images. There are four images. 2 images are the RAW and 2 images are the optimized 544x544 on blue backgrounds. These images will now go on our website. I literally have hundreds so I am hoping there is an easier, more automated, way of accomplishing this daunting task as all images will be in the 544x544 format once optimized. I also create a second 144x144 ‘thumb’ image from the 544x544 which also goes on our website.

Is there a way to automate the process?

I look forward to anyone’s thoughts, ideas, suggestions, comments, etc.
PLEASE EMAIL ME at jbriancomputers@earthlink.net

Thank you for your time.


NOTE: Apparently, I am under the post count to post links or images. I had 4 images to show as examples which would have been visually instant rather than all the verbiage. Please email if you are interested and we can go from there.