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Extremely faded family image


I’m using PhotoShop, V-6.0. I know it’s pretty antiquated by today’s standards but that‘s what I have to work with.
I’ve recently acquired some old family photographs and many are in pretty sad shape to say the least.
There are a few that I aquired that I feel are quit possibly beyond restoration, there very faded, but then I‘m not positive that there beyond restoration.
I‘ve tried the basics that I’m aware of in my 6.0 application that could bring them back but with very poor results. Hopefully the members here will be willing to point me in the right direction, or on the other hand tell me when it’s just time to admit defeat and throw in the towel. Knarf

PS: My apologies to Steve when I introduced myself in the "New member introduction section" I mis-understood him to mean I could post a image at that point for him to have a look at. I tryed as he suggeted and it wouldn't show up so I must have mis -understood. So here is the image he suggested I submit as an example, I hope.;)Thanks Giving dinner I believe.jpg
I suppose it defines the boundaries of what can actually be done to repair images in Photoshop, without replacing parts of the image with what your imagination thinks it should be. I dare say with an image like that, you might as well start with a blank canvas, which I would say would be an experience. Whether it is good or bad, is open for debate, as long as too many people didn't join, because that would be a mass debate.


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Using the high-pass filter and various and sundry adjustments, this is the best I could do in the few minutes I worked on it. The real problem is that some of it is in shadow and some over exposed. With time and attention you could definitely improve on it.