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I've made this.. Does it look like an eye.. I couldn't find any tutorials on how to make a realistic-looking eye.. so I tried myself.. It is supposed to look like the pupil is broken and a piece of it has fallen out.. is this clear enough? Put short, I want comments I can use for something. I don't care, whether you like it or not, I just wanna know how to make it better..



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I don't think it is very convincing. The shape of the eye is very odd, there is no depth at all and the colours are bad. The pupil is a hole and can't "fall out". A suppose the red lines are veins?

I tried Google and the second link was:

I suggest that you try looking at eyes, search for details, what makes an eye look realistic end so on.



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You missed the point.. it's a symbol.. your eyes are a window to your soul.. however, the window's broken and a piece has fallen out.. I just want it to be realistic.. that's all.. The eyeball..

Thanks, I will look through those pages.. :)
;) Keep at it MindFreak, just practice and get help. :perfect:
To make it look round though, just apply a soft lighting effect to the eye. That may work. Also the flesh around the eye is too blurry.