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eyedropper tool question


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I get a circle with two colors when I use the eyedropper tool.
The upper part changes with the location of the tool but the lower half stays the same color. But when I watch the included video, the bottom half changes color also. How can I get the bottom color to change
Thanks, I am a late adopter and have not upgraded to that version of CC quite yet so do not have the rich tool tips with the videos as of yet. Another good reason to update now.
Hi Dave
I did a quick update and looked at the little video. I just wanted to verify that nothing new had been introduced and it hasn't

The lower part of the HUD color picker is just the last selected color. This has the advantage of picking a color for the lower part of the ring and then clicking again and moving the HUD to the new color. That way, you are comparing the last picked color to the color you are about to pick right next to each other in the ring and hovering over the new selected color area as well.

Hope that clarifies things for you

John Wheeler


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No, the lower portion of the HUD shows the last color selected/clicked and only changes when a new color has been selected/clicked.