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Specific Face Swap


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Hi guys, hope yall are having an awesome day doing what you love the most starts w a p ends a w p. So for this task what i’d like you to do is swap the torso+lower part of my body in the second picture with the first picture keeping the same facial expression as in the first picture, to put it bluntly i just want my right hand to be present lol(not the mirrors right the photos right) feel free to change anything else the lighting maybe fix my jawline anythin?😂 also would prefer if i could have two different pictures one with just the hand and the other with the hand plus your edits +lighting/xyz
P.S-> the best way to get the picture i want is just pose for it again but i took this six months ago and won't be able to do it
Also,you can also do a different approach swapping my face + my left hand in the first picture with the second-whichever way seems easier idk. Thanks!