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Rachel Kilik

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Hi there,
I am hoping someone would be able to help me out. My girlfriend who is working on her photography skills took some wonderful photos of my family. The catch she wasn't able to get a great shot of all of us, understandable as my son is 7 months old and lets be honest taking great pics of them is luck! She did get some great ones of him, just not of all of us together. I'm wondering if someone can Photoshop his face so hes happy like the rest of us in the pic? I just want one nice one to hang on my wall and look back on in 15 years when my kids are teenagers and driving me crazy :)
This is the best one of usIMG_9075 (3500x2648).jpg maybe you can fix the wet spot on my pants while your at it?

These are some good ones of my son. IMG_9043 (2816x3500).jpgIMG_9048 (2492x3500).jpgIMG_9049 (2481x3500).jpgIMG_9057 (2687x3500).jpgIMG_9060 (2292x3500).jpg
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and maybe help me out. I have some more pics and the full size versions if that helps (had to resize for forum).