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3D Fence Face 3D

Looks good Eggy :thumbsup: but just wondering if there should be something in the eye sockets. Just a thought!
Thanks Ged!
I wasn't sure what to do with it but yes I'll put some dark cavities in the eyes sockets.
Nice!! i like to know if it look better if the edge's weren't so rough, uniformity in all the boards through the mask, i dont know how to say this in english, hope is understandable :rofl:.

@Let me see if I understand you correctly: you mean soften the transition between the face and the fence?
This is how it looks in PS 3D top view:


The green arrow indicated the actual situation, the red arrow the desired.
It can be done but after the 3d proces, in 'normal' PS modus.
Argos: your transition example is too soft.

I'll give it a try and see what comes up.
Yes i know i did my transition with patch tool, i only want to be how it looks, in 3d i think will look so much better.
Eggy I like this usage of Photoshop's 3D capabilities. Argos already covered the one observation I had, the rest are just minor touch up. As for the eyes, maybe a view through the fence or human eyes. This image relates to a lot of the cammo images I have seen of human face/bodies painted into scenery, so at first glance, I thought that the eyes would have looked better closed.
Thanks for the observations Sam.
I'll work on this project and adjust it.
But keep in mind that the face should pop out of the fence, otherwise I could have done a simple cammo.
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But keep in mind that the face should pop up out of the fence, otherwise I could have done a simple cammo.
Oh yes, I completely understand what your going for, I was just referencing the closed eyes of the cammo'ed images, nothing more. My fault for not explaining that better.
Here's a version where the transition is round and softer.
I still have no good ideas about the eyes. If anyone has... go for it.

Fence Face.jpg
That's a possibility but I was thinking making the eye sockets hollow wooden shells.
I'll give it a try.