Film Poster Contest for a short film "Contract"

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I have just finished editing a debut short film, it has taken a year to finish. I want to do a poster for it to promote it, however my photoshop skills are not the best. So I did what any geek would do, and that was turn to google. I am hoping that you guys can help out. The film is a action packed thriller, guns helicopters explosions. Everything in the production has been sourced from using forums and turned out better than I could of ever of hoped for. I had a go at doing something, but it isn't very good, and the people involved I really want them to be wowed by a great poster.


So if you talented lot would be up for designing a hollywood style poster, id love to see what you can do. It doesnt have to be like the one I did (id rather that get left out al together) I can supply some high res images.

I hope I haven't been out of line by posting this.
many thanks


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The word contest usually implies the winner receives something, i think this is not a contest as such, more over a request for your DVD sleeve.

Let's see if members wish to oblige your request?
If you could post some of the images you'd like to be used in the poster, that would be great for anyone who would be interested. Also a few more details such as the colors/mood you want and what words/fonts you'd like on the poster and what resolution you would want it in.

The more details on what you want, the better!

We can also help you create the poster yourself if you're up for some direction - you have a good start so far, especially with the text at the bottom.

I laughed at the Xbox headset on the guy by the way, hehe.
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No offense mate but this doesn't look like a movie poster at all... as jessica said you need to add the color mood to the entire image not just the "tracks" play with different variations not with just 1 or 2 till you get what gives this a dramatic look if you know what I mean.. right now your man and the bg look totally different.. and try the the text "Contract" with different variations as well mmm maybe with just an outline and no fill at all... whatever suits the theme..
Hi Guys

Wow, thanks for a great response. I have a trailer you can see, so you can get a idea about tone etc.

I have a few raw images that were taken on location you can get to them here

I have also included the photoshop file of my "design" along with the font for the lower text.
I am very grateful for all the messages and help, and cant wait to see what you can come up with.

Which ever one gets used, will be fully credited and ill get printed a1 at high quality and sent to you.
Thanks again!
Wow you guys are fast.
i should mention, if possible the date of release is the 13-02-2013 (we are having a mini premier)

also, the lead role is the hippy looking guy
I was going to add explosions and debris flying around in the background, but I haven't got time to make it a masterpiece.
My mind just exploded. Thanks for making a entry, it looks great! Really impressed with what you guys are coming up with.
I'll have a go at it too once I get home.
Great stuff, I have included the font for the bottom of the poster in the drop box link, as thats got all the people who have been involved. so id like that in, other than that, be creative as you like, if you want it to look minimal or like a old 80s action poster, go for it just be creative and enjoy it :)
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