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Paid FInishing touches to logos and convert to vector ($50)


Hello all,

I have been working on logos for myself and a friend and have created them and have all the right imaging and shapes done on photoshop

There are 2 key challenges I am having;

Logo 1 - I have designed the logo and just need help replicating the text warp to match exactly with the source text image I have used for inspiration with a correct colour gradient overlay (I can supply both the source material and the work I have done so far

Logo 2 - This is a completed logo and is actually finished however its a little rought around the edges and needs to have that sharp finish - again I can provide the source material and photoshop file I have worked from for this to be done

Logos 1 and 2 - Once the finishing touches have been done to clean the image up could you please convert these into vector images that can be used in high quality (I believe thats what vector images are for as opposed to just photoshop? Apologies for my ignorance I only have the basics hence me offering a paid opportunity to help me finish these off)

If you are interested in this request and feel you can turn this around in the next 48 -72 hours (From looking at youtube videos I imagine this is less than a couple of hours work for someone skilled and about a day of stress for me to create something sub standard therefore hand over to a pro at this stage)

Look forward to hearing from you and can set up a zoom call or something to go over the finer points if you are interested.

I look forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards