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Fire and Ice

Hiya, I was wondering if someone could take Alycia debnam carey (Picture 1), put her onto the blue side of the background provided (Picture 2), then add Claire Redfield (Picture 3) onto the orange/red side of the background provided so that they are turned away from each other? Also could you place them on either side so that they are just over where the colours actually meet on the outline of the sphere in the centre? So to show that there is some distance between them (Black area in the centre of the sphere on background) But there's enough distance between them to not make it seem like they are to close in a way.

alycia-debnam-carey-Favim.com-4285576.png(Alycia Debnam Carey)

clBnOf.jpg(Background provided)

ali-larter-20100908110959429-001.jpg(Claire Redfield)

Thank you!