Went to the local park tonight for the 4th of July fireworks display. Now I've never taken pics of fireworks so I really didn't have a complete grasp on how to do it. I did a little research before going, that helped out a lot. I think I got some decent photos from tonight but like I said I've never done this before. Still a fun night, that's what truely matters.

100.jpg 101.jpg 102.jpg 103.jpg
Paul - so it sounds like Hershey turned off AF and set the range to infinity, more or less exactly the same as my earlier recommendation to you.

@Hershey - When shooting fireworks, I also turn off AWB (auto white balance). The reason is that it is always fighting the natural, highly saturated colors of the fireworks. For example, if the AWB system in your camera sees a nice orange burst of light, there is an excellent chance it will think to itself, "Oh, since this is orange, this must be taken indoors under normal tungsten light and should be compensated for, ie, render it nearly white." LOL.


Tom M