Fix it, best one gets 5 bucks!

I can do it, no problem I'm just thinking it would be great practice for others and you'll make 5 bucks while at it via PayPal
Parts are blurred for a reason, don't worry about those, just the chemical burn areas.There are many ways to do it,
this is a great way to learn........Have a ball.....I know it's a job worth more than 5 bucks (depending on what country you're in but it's not a job per say .......I'm working on thousands of them with this type of damage and just may toss out more down the road Not looking for flamming just offering practice to those who feel like it.I'll decide in about a week who gets the 5 (depending on replies)
Have a ball

(don't over look any burns)...... View attachment 26591


Dear Departed Guru and PSG Staff Member
Alright...I'll go first. Here is my effort. Anniversary (G&GAdams)25th-309.jpg


Dear Departed Guru and PSG Staff Member
Hummm I looked at that real close and determined that what your seeing is the bottom of the glass she is holding. I thunk I got the rest of it that was discolored. Excuse me if I am wrong..I am old and claim failing eyesight..hearing too as convenient!


Dear Departed Guru and PSG Staff Member
Oh yeah..I saw those and fixed em.
I'm a newbie and was actually looking for tutorials this morning when I stumbled on this site. I hope you don't mind if the new guys play too.

I decided to have a go at it. I read the first post and got the source file without scrolling down because I didn't want to see what anyone else had done.

Now that I've got my amateur attempt completed, though, I want to see what you gurus have managed to accomplish and I'm really hoping this thread will be filled with tips for the rest of us.

Thanks, iDad, for posting this challenge. It was a fun way to spend my afternoon and evening.