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Paid Fixing shirt in wedding pics. $5 per photo.

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Hello all,

I recently got married, and ordered a new suit and shirt - unfortunately, the suit sleeve was just a bit long and the shirt sleeve just a bit short. So, instead of having like 1cm of shirt cuff showing as I wanted, the shirt tended to disappear up inside the suit sleeve. Not a major drama on the day but I'd like to try and fix it in the official photos, and have a small bit of white shirt poking out below the suit cuff. I was hoping this would be possible for a Photoshop guru to do. There's about 10 photos I'd like to try and fix, but suggest we do one first to see if it works before then moving onto the others? I have some photos of me with the right amount of cuff showing; should hopefully be useful, and I could always take some more photos of me in the suit if helpful.

Have attached one photo just for example here - on the left it shows how the wedding pic is, with no cuff showing, and on the right is how it should look, with a bit of cuff. I can send the actual photos in private message.

Thanks, any help people could provide would be tremendous - my new wife and I are really keen to get the photos printed out and shared with our family! (But that said, no hurry on the task - sometime in next couple of weeks would be great but would rather take time to get it right than rush).


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