Form audio reactors

I like the idea mate. Usually when we create motion graphics, it is to tell a story or enhance an emotion. I don't see either of this in your design. There is too much going on to get a grasp of what is happening. If you were going for some kind of windows media player screen saver for music, you nailed it. Other wise try and give your project some kind of direction instead of throwing together experiments with plug-ins and calling it quits. I do see a lot of potential with your video. One thing to note is color, visit to get complimentary color styles and stick to them. Most the time, you want to avoid 100% black and 100% white. I hope this helps. Keep producing stuff man! It is the only way to get better.

I appreciate the feedback! Thank you for taking the time to check it out. Originally when we began this collaboration it was simply to try creating a "visualizer" like piece. I have been experimenting with multiple looks and directions with them. So far I have been primarily taking the abstract route. These projects have however been evolving and changing with each piece. Every one has been taken in a different direction and I'm trying to find the most pleasing combinations.

If you go to my youtube page you will find three others that we have done in that light.

Tangled souls

You can see the change and evolution of each piece. I used the Red Giant plugins for that one mostly because I was just figuring out what I can do with them and that was the first result. I plan much more projects that are currently in the works. Follow my youtube channel and you will see plenty more I promise!!

I will absolutely always take critiques and suggestions if you have any. What I create is continually a work in progress. We are working our way up to a live production/show and are currently building content.

Thanks again
Thanks!! Make sure to subscribe and follow along for more updates! There are plenty more projects in the making! This is just one facet of how I create things. I work in a lot of styles and concept ranges! Stay Tuned!