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[Forum Assistance & Suggestions] Section Guidelines

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Photoshop Gurus Site Suggestions

Forum Posting Guidelines for This Section

This section is for making suggestions to our admin's and staff about the photoshopgurus.com web site. This is where you can ask for new features, give feedback about the sites design and functionality, and offer suggestions for improvement.

This is also the place to report errors with the site or to let us know if a feature seems to be broken.

This is not a place to ask questions about Photoshop, there's another section for that here.

This is not the place to post questions about how to use the forum and forum features, please post them in the Forum Help section.

We read all the suggestions and if we like them we will put them on the "to do list" and will get to them as soon as we are able. Please keep in mind that some features might require special programming and therefore might take some time to implement.

If we do not implement your suggestion please do not be offended, we still appreciate the feedback.

The above rules apply to this section of the forum only, general Site Rules can be found here.
Not open for further replies.