Free Auto FX/ DreamSuite PS plugin



Thanks Rick. Although I never use plugins, they can sure give me new ideas for my designs.
I have enough reason after looking at all the examples on their page to press CTRL+N again :rofl:
I figured out that most of the effects can be achieved by using gaussian blur and one of the blending modes, sometimes in combination with curves/levels.

Thanks Rick. I have been evaluating some of their products from Dream Suite so I'm very haaaappy to have this one free (I just got it). The Suites I tried, I liked but haven't purchased because Eric has had problems installing - do you have any experience or tips about that? :( I really hate dl or inst problemos.

I too would like to hear people's opinions of DreamSuite. It certainly looks good (especially the 2nd version) but I have heard of problems, mostly on PCs. Any Mac users out there have experience with it?
I feel I should clear this out. Right now.

Indeed, I did have problems installing because of a missing font so I couldn't enter my serial. Later on, they updated, so I suppose this is ok by now. But it is still rather difficult to enter the serial.

Still, I did not buy the whole Dreamsuite1 because it's too expensive and contains several filters I don't want. In fact, I only bought two, the ones I liked most. But after installing it, I noticed that I had ALL the presets etc from the complete suite on my HDD. This was not what I wanted, and seriously unprofessional if you sell separate filters from the suite.

The third point of my critique is that it is a nuisance to use because everytime you dare to touch a setting, the app begins an update of the preview, and it's so GDN slow that it's always behind on creative fire. That's why I rarely use it..
Thanks for the clarification, Erik :) Sounds like DreamSuite is more trouble than it's worth. Plus, I have a ton of filters, most of which I rarely use. Trying to break myself of "filter rot" [slick]