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free cs2 free download for previous owners


Edited Thread.

It appears that I jumped to early on some error. Yesterday I watched a video that appeared to be giving out wrong information, Since then the video has been removed with the link.

When Paul MR responded to this thread I looked again and it now states that the serial numbers provided with the download are purely only for people who have previously purchased the suite.

There was some kind of error on the cs2 activation servers hence they have had to take this approach.

So downloading and installing using the serial numbers provided then do so at your own risk if you do not have a previous license for the suite.
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Paul MR

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Re: Official free cs2 free download

Sorry but it was never free and it still isn't!
Quote from your link..
"Adobe strongly advises against running unsupported and outdated software. The serial numbers provided as a part of the download may only be used by customers who legitimately purchased CS2 or Acrobat 7 and need to maintain their current use of these products."
Re: Official free cs2 free download

Thank you Just looked again and the video has been taken down on youtube from a regular adobe.tv author which is where I got the link from.

I wonder how they are going to enforce this with their current download option.
To acknowledge that i have passed on wrong information incase anyone did download it

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