free image download link

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ok now you are just spamming around, even if this is your only purpose, introduce yourself, this will make people go to the website more often, and you are double thread making wich breaks rules.
then the grammaticale structure of his sentence is a little bit wrong
where i can download
i thought he said that he can download all his images on that website and so on :/
it is obvious english is not his first language you have probably scared away a new member now
if you ever come back long lost member we are a friendly bunch maybe try google images if just to practice on but if it is for professional use google free stock images
I apologize dear new member and I was very rude i'm so sorry that i misunderstood you :(
i'm not the best communicator, i am sometimes a little bit straight in what I say that's just me, it will totally not be the last time, it's time that i start behaving like a senior member :D
thats the atitude go on then start a new thread and show us how you have evolved I know you have seen a lot of my tutorials lets see some art work by you
i don't have access to ps atm because my parents are divorced and only my mom has it and i'm now at my dad
he had 2 posts up 1 was poor english and he was asking where he could get free stock image but burned miss read it or misunderstood and snapped at him for spamming and he never came back I was motivating him to stop him from causing trouble on the forum
Not open for further replies.