Frozen Photoshop Recreation Help

Hi, I'm looking for help figuring out how to recreate this picture using a live model. More specifically, how to create the the magical effect (the swirls, sparkles, different colors of light) in Photoshop. I plan on shooting the model against a black background, but I have no clue how to go about doing the fantasy editing so any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi Mima - welcome to the forum.

I would look at creating some basic swirls with the pen tool. Then download some "Glitter" or "Sparkle" brushes. Play around with the brush dynamics (such as colour jitter, density, simulated pressure etc). Then apply the brush as a "Stroke" to the path created with your pen.

Give me a little time and I will post a slightly more detailed description if you need it.


I'm not a fantasy composite type of guy, but the answer to your question is one word, "brushes" ... lots of brushes, a good hand, and a tablet + stylus would certainly help.

I'll let some of the other guys who are into this sort of thing give you specific suggestions about which brushes, settings, etc.

Tom M

PS - I see that Fredfish and I were typing at the same time. He'll point you in the right direction.
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Thanks so much guys, I'll try those suggestions!! If you wouldn't mind, Fredfish, more details would be greatly appreciated as I can get lost sometimes when following tutorials. I tried playing around with the brush dynamics before, but could not get it to look like the pictures. It looked clumpy & didn't have that pretty glow, if that makes sense
Sorry for the delay -

I started putting a short run through together then I came across this tutorial

It should get you most of the way there. I would still use the pen tool to create the swirls (in the tutorial the swirls are created freehand). You will need to play with the colouring as well.

The beauty of this tutorial is that it will also teach you how to create your own custom made brushes as well.


No problem.... Dont forget to show us the results!