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full screen and flip


Hi I'm new to working digitally but have bought a tablet and been trying to learn. I saw Painter and thought I'd give it a trial run as it's most suited to what I do. I watched a bunch of tutorials and when I'd finished the first thing I found was that I could not find an active forum for Painter anywhere to ask questions which seemed strange for such an established program, dose anyone know of one?.I find it's tricky to learn a complex app without a help forum.
The questions I'd like to ask are: "Is there a way to go to full screen?"
I only have a little Cintiq and being able to just hit the F key and go into full screen in Photoshop is really important but I can't find a way to do this in Painter, which I think is strange as it is a painting app, am I missing something? I can get rid of the UI which helps but it still has the Task bar at the bottom and window borders around and such.
The next one is "How to flip picture horizontally?"
When I draw, like many, I always keep a mirror near to check my work in as I go.
I felt that this would be really easy on a computer but the flip horizontally commands don't seem to work correctly on more than one layer, making them useless and I can't find another way to do this. The closest I have found is to create a command of Transform/Scale on a custom pallet, hit this, then select all and type in -100%. This is a very long winded way of doing it and it's easier to mount a mirror behind the Cintiq as I did my easel, which feels ridiculous.

Any help with these topics would be much appreciated, Painter really is an amazing program and I am loving it. I will live without a dedicated forum if I have to, maybe this one and ones like it will be active enough. I think there must be a way to flip the image, I can even live with working with a real mirror as I always have though it feels daft. but the lack of a full screen mode is pushing it on my tablet, if it cant enter full screen I may have retreat back to Photoshop.