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Futuristic city landscape

Hello, this is my city landscape made form sketch. Used few stock photos for Window lights.
Could I ask for tips what to improve?
Any critique is welcome.
Thanks :) eh.jpg
I like it! nice job.

To me that first ship looks a bit weird for me you dont need it ad this image.
With that mini orange sun above the city, maybe i see the rest of the image a little bit subexposed and maybe too much cold (tone).



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First let me say hello and welcome to PSG.

I really like the idea and concept behind your imagery since I'm very much a SciFi fan. My first observation and sounding like an old record, the image is way too dark. There's simply no detail to enjoy. You have this dark planet in the night sky void of any color and there's only 12 visible stars.

Most cities at night are lit very well and full of detail.

Like Argos, I'm not sure what this bright orange sun is over the city whose emitted light has limited range. Something that bright would light up the entire scene.

I think the image has too much dead space around it's edges. It could be cropped down to something more like this:
Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 10.18.37 PM.png

I'm not sure what these things are? Ships maybe? The closest one should be full of detail so that we can form some idea of what the other ones are, and what they look like.
Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 10.24.46 PM.png

Overall I think it's a great effort and I really like the concept. Good job!
Thank You Guys for feedback and for warm welcome as well.
Now when You mentioned this, I agree.. It's quite dark and badly cropped. Picture lacking alot of details too. This "thing" at first plan supposed to be some kind of automated city transport in fast motion - that's why it's blurred.
I've messed this piece badly..
Cheers and thanks again
I Don't believe you've " messed this piece badly.. " Your image is done how you see it at whatever level your at, When I first came here I think how bad I was ( and still are, yes still are because I still have a tone to learn ). I made images where i tried to put too many objects in to the scene, Then when i got over that I had to learn how to blend them all with an overall colour balance, Lighting, depth, composition, Atmosphere, and still learning many other aspects of creating art.

So don't be put off, The comments are there to help to you, not slam you, And by the way, I was WAY WAY Worse then you when I started using Photoshop, so chin up and carry on.

OH, AND I ALSO MADE many many dark images as IamSam will tell you, so your not on your own.


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I've messed this piece badly..
Just letting you know that you did not mess up at all! This is a great start and you should be proud. Critique is nothing more than constructive feed back that will help you get better in future composites. Don't look at this as a failure (which it is not), look at it as a learning experience.

This "thing" at first plan supposed to be some kind of automated city transport in fast motion - that's why it's blurred.
Again great idea, just needs to be depicted a bit better! Think of it this way, your telling a story with your image and you should try to leave nothing to doubt. If it's not fairly obvious what something is, the viewer is left guessing.

Keep it up!
I want only to improve :) that's why I am so happy about constructive critique, it's helping alot. Now I have to introduce that tips to my arts I guess :D. I've always struggling with night compositions, it's so difficult for me to keep lights just right.