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FXHome Imerge


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FXHome is a company well-known for their visual effects and video editing software, HitFilm. They also make a photo compositing software called Imerge Pro.
It is quite interesting to use. It never rasterises your layers and always allows you to edit values later. PS also allows this but it is much less convenient. Its workflow is based on drag/drop effects you can drag onto the photo, just like in video compositing software. It seems to be really good at keying out green screens, and bezier masks are far easier to manipulate (you can very easily feather the mask without rasterising the path, which I've never seen done in PS, although I'm sure there is a workaround).
It claims to be a top-notch competitor in the industry, and I've seen some excellent results from it, but I think it's mainly meant as a cash grab for people who are used to visual effects software and want to start compositing photos. There's a free trial available if you'd like to try it out. I think it appeals to a very niche audience, and I personally don't use it, but I thought I'd make a post about it in case it works well for someone.