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Paid Gender reveal color change $10

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Hi, new around here. My brother and sister in law had a big gender reveal...but two days later the doctor told them he mixed the results up with someone else! They are having a GIRL, not a boy. They are pretty upset with all of the emotional roller coaster up and downs, so I thought this may be a good place to touch up a few pictures for them and try to cheer them up. The pictures are in the link below:

Here's one way to change the announcement.

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I am interested in something like this, without the alteration to their clothing (only the smoke). They are having a hard time with all of this and I want to try to cheer them up, but don't want them to feel like I am changing THEM or anything. Is this something you are able to do for the three images total?
All three look like good pictures of them so I can simply change the colour of the smoke in all three and leave them in the colours that they are wearing.
Is this what you would like?
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