Get rid of my double chin?

I've been trying and trying to get rid of my double chine but I can't. LOL. I'm still learning and we briefly brushed over this in class last semester. I want my chin to disappear in this picture, but I can't get rid of it. help?


To be honest and I dont mean to sound rude removing just the double chin will cause just as many problems as it wont really balance the rest of the image if that makes sense.

You have 2 choices remove the double chin which can be done by dodge tool and spot heel tool to lighten the area and remove shadows then use the spot heal brush to remove the lines caused by the double chin. Fast and quick
dodge and heal.jpg

Or the more realistic means grabbing the liquify tool and going for all over weight loss, More time consuming and takes a lot of practice to be able to get it right but just a quick example to show you why this is better all though done very quick.

Manda Burns

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Even though you have a double chin it's part of you. I have one too sometimes. embrace it! the edit I did looks a bit awkward because it's missing who you really are. Honestly your double chin isn't that bad. I'd go with the original cause then people who don't love you the way you are not worthy of being a friend. Also when people smile happily it makes double chin when looking down or strait toward camera. if you had someone or tripod taking a picture of you from a little higher angle and or tilt your head up a little should reduce double chin.
LOL thanks guys! haha. I couldn't tell that the teeth had no color either. I HATE being color blind lol, so I don't catch stuff like that. Good JOB ALL!
And to avoid this problem in the first place, I recommend I just go to the GYM! haha. Which I have been doing. Soon, I WILL HAVE NO DOUBLE CHIN! *Fist Pump!*