getting this sort of effect?


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i've been trying since my filesystem died, to get this right, basically, i'm trying to get the blueish industrial effect of the skull, shadows and all. and if at all possible the blue glow thing in the top right of it as well, i plan to use whatever help i can get for when i can get to photoshop. i'm about to reinstall ubuntu and photoshop it'll be ready for tomorrow.

any help is vastly appreciated.

here's the image

thanks a bunch

alex :)
Hi Zee, I had time to play with this idea. I think I'd do it a lot simpler way now. Now that I've done it the hard way and not quite achieved what you want. And don't ask about the explosion. Never got to that.

So this is just an idea of how you might go about it. Basically using pattern overlays which you can just use a metal texture for instance and clip to the layer. Then play with blend modes. Make highlites with layers of white put on overlay. One right over the other makes more glow.

The skull I used was not a good choice since it already had so many highlights, I couldn't match them without cloning. I used clouds>clouds difference as one of the layers for the inner circle to create texture (which you could do with a photo, etc, of metal). I used the fx copper pattern overly rather than go dig something up. And of course fx of emboss and drop shadow. I think some of the deep shadow may be hand painted.

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Your welcome. I will upload my gold text effects psd. That is where I learned the simulate metal technique; it is from a Deke McClelland tut. The metal BG also includes a glass filter which gives it the shine that is missing from the above "medallion." I just took a look at the text psd and I think it is because the glass filter is above the other effects that it works. Take a look at the psd. I think that all the steps are there; no effect hidden because the BG layer is a smart object.

View attachment GOLDtext.psd

Just for reference, since you don't have access to PS at the moment, here's the jpeg:

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As for the blue implosion/explosion, that is what I would look for, explosion tutorials and water effect tutorials. Probably some right on the forum.
i shall have a look around and see what i can find for the glow, it looks like it was a straight pen tool image once and Ubi have added it on and warped it.
thanks for the PSD too :)

Reinstalled PS so everything is ready, to have fun with.

Thanks Clare :)