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GIF to EPS (vector grafics)


New Member
Hi guys,
I'm writing some homework and I prefer to solely have vector graphics in it. Most of the images are easy to draw, but there are some which are pretty sophisticated.
For one of the images I've got a bad quality gif:

Can I somehow automatically smooth the lines with CC 2015 so that I get clean vector lines as a .eps? Which I can zoom in as much as I want and always have a straight line?

Thanks a lot !

Tom Mann

The short answer is, "no", you will not be able to do a perfect conversion from a cruddy bitmapped image / sketch like that to a vector. However:

a) It's all straight lines, so you can probably redraw it from scratch in AI (Adobe Illustrator) in a half hour or less and it will look great; or,

b) Start by using the "Image Trace" function in AI (Object -> Image Trace, lots of tutorials on this). You will undoubtedly have to clean up the results, but it may save you some time, as well as give you something to start with.

c) Redraw it in PS using the pen tool. I don't find PS as convenient as AI for work like this, but for something this simple, PS won't be limiting. Just be sure to that when you export it from PS you export it in a file format that supports vector graphic and doesn't rasterize them, and be sure you get the settings right. It can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to things like which black do you want, setting the ppi appropriately, etc. Again, lots of tutorials on this.


Tom M


Keen as I am about Photoshop - sometimes it just isn't the right tool.

I would absolutely use a vector based program with a trace function such as Adobe Illustrator. However if you dont have Illustrator you can use the open source program InkScape to do a trace. I did the attached .eps file simply using the default settings under Path/Trace Bitmap - I am sure you could improve it with a bit of tweaking.

Here is the file:

View attachment trace.eps

Here is a link to Inkscape