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Specific Goal is to have a deployment sticker

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Could you arrange our pictures into the order like the design on the bottoms right with the darker guy in the middle (a little bigger), the mustache on the right, and black scarf on the left?

So as I mentioned I'm trying to get a deployment sticker for me and my buddies. Do you think you could do the following?:
1) Add beards, according to facial hair color, "textures", and leavve the mustache for the far right picture. (I've attached an example-"beard")
2) Create a hat with the brim of "cowboy" and the top like "bucket hat". NWU1 and NWU2 are both examples of what the hat actually looks like for reference.
3) Make our hats and clothes look like "uniform chest" then, make us all have the body type of the scarf guy
4) "NWU Design" is just a the pattern



bucket hat.PNG



uniform chest.PNG

NWU Design.PNG
Are you able to make the uniform and hat the pattern I attached? Also, could you make the hat have the brim of "cowboy hat" and the top like "bucket hat
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