Gooky images

This evening I tried to upload an image of a glass ball. What I ended up seeing was gook on the picture. It is the second time this week this happened (embarrassed). I have looked at the image, all the layers and don't know where it's coming from. Any suggestions?
All the you mean it still has layers? Then it must be saved as a PSD or a TIFF, and those you can't upload as images.
If this is the case, try saving it as a jpg after "flattenng the image".

Do use SAVE AS or your flattened image will be replacing the layered one. (just a hint...)
Thanks Erik for your reply. I save images both as Jpegs after flattening the image and also as psd files containing all the layers. Neither version shows anything that tells me why there's this messiness.
Can you post the gooky image so we can see please Indigo,it might make it easier to work out what is happening :)

When you say gook do you mean artifacts?

Thanks for the offer, Stu. Yep, I'm getting "extra" stuff on it. However, I'll scrutinize the image zoomed up to see what's what. If I can't figure it out, will post the image here. No point in wasting anyone's time (I mean not more than I'm already doing). :)