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Specific Graduation Photos Retouch


Hello Photoshop Gurus,

Photo Link 1
Photo Link 2
Photo Link 3

Many of my graduation photos look really bad because of incorrect camera settings and fingerprints on the camera lens. The three photos above are the worst one. It makes me kind of sad looking at them. I really want them to look nicer. The embedded color profile is Adobe RGB (Please let me know if I should convert it to sRGB first).

I tried using the clone tool/layer masks adjustments to remove the white spots/haze but could not achieve good results because I am not good at photoshop. Could someone please remove the white spots/haze and adjust the brightness/color overall for these photos to make them look less overexposed? If possible, could the photos be saved at the highest quality setting? Thanks in advance!!!

I have since learned to properly set my camera settings, such as disabling the flash and lowering ISO when taking photos outdoors. I also make sure the camera lens is clean. But I still really want these photos to look better.

Again, thank you for helping.