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Guidelines for Posting Free Photoshop Requests (Read before posting)

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This is a forum where you can request to have your images Photoshopped.

Rules for requesting free image edits:
  • One edit per request. Any additional edits must be submitted in a new request thread.
  • Do not submit images you do not want to be public. If you desire privacy, post your request in our Paid Photoshop Requests forum.
  • Images must be posted with your request. Upload images directly to your request thread. You may use an offsite image host if images are too large to be uploaded.
  • You can upload images up to 5000px x 3500px. Maximum file size of 32000kb (32mb) or less.
  • Post your request only once.
  • Do not "bump" your request. If you are not getting the responses you want, consider posting a Paid Photoshop Request.
  • Do not offer tips. Any request offering monetary rewards for edits belong in the Paid Photoshop Requests forum.

Here are some guidelines to help you get the best results:
  • Summarize your request clearly in the thread title and provide all necessary details in the post body.
  • If your request is specific please provide as many details as possible. It's difficult for other members to know what you want if your request is vague.
  • Creative, nonspecific requests are allowed in limited situations, but should be posted as a Paid Photoshop Request.
  • Use the highest available resolution/size images. It's difficult to work on low-res images.
  • Be polite. A graciously written request is far more likely to get responses.
  • Keep in mind that some of our members enjoy these challenges, while others may choose not to participate. Someone may come along to help you out, but don't feel offended if no one takes up your request. If the request is urgent, you may consider posting it in the Paid Photoshop Requests forum.

Requests including but not limited to any of the following may be locked or removed at the discretion of our staff:
  • Requests of questionable legality. This includes requests to edit images of legal documents such as birth certificates, drivers licenses, ID's, etc,.
  • Requests of questionable moral or ethical integrity.
  • Requests asking for edits that involve nudity or images containing nudity. This includes artistic nudity.
  • Requests to edit or remove existing logos, trademarks, watermarks, or copyright notices from images that do not belong to requester.
Thanks for reading, and good luck with getting your request filled!
Not open for further replies.