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Hair Color Change Problem (Blonde --> Silver/white?)


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I recently did a photoshoot with my friend. She has blonde hair but to go along with the theme of the photo, I really want to change her hair color to a white-silvery color. I've been on photoshop for 3 hours now trying to change it but no matter how many different things I've tried it always ends up either purple, dark gray, or has a yellow haze around it. I also am having a problem turning the stray hairs silver and white, for some reason my photoshop simply won't change them. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, like I said i've been working at this for hours now and refine edge just is not helping me at all.


On the left is the picture I'm editing and on the right is the color that I was going for. If possible, maybe even a tiny bit more purple. If anyone is willing to help that would be SO awesome. Thank you!!