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Halliwell Witches

Hey guys.

This is the latest of my artwork, and for this one I put aside the super complicated manipulation to focus on light & shadow, since it's my Achilles' heel.
The whole layer window is filled basically with Curves and I'm pretty pleased with the final results.

The inspiration comes from the inability to cope with grief and the things we do to get a loved one back.
Also, my favorite TV show ever, Charmed.
Great work! I like the final result, it's hard to know how much work you put into it without looking at the original, but as i said the final result i like it ^^.



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Looks pretty cool. Here's a few comments :

- I'm not quite sure about the warm colours of the two candles (they're candles, right ?) . It feels a bit out of place, and gets my eye away from what's really cool...

- While the "magic burst" looks really cool, I feel like it's effect on the surroundings should be emphasized. From the guy's face, it feels like this thing is emitting lots of light... The cats face should be really bright... almost blasted... Same thing goes for the palm of the guys hand. Then, the bowl should probably be darker, has it is pretty much in the shadow.

- The way the light "wraps" over the edge of the table seems a bit weird... The burst being the obvious light source, the only part of the table that should get light is the top part.

- I'd get rid of the guy's knee. Again, it just takes attention away from the interesting part... and we kinda wonder what it is at first glance.

- There's a visible white fringe on the guy's shoulder.

Hope this helps. :)