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I have to go there...........

Got to hand it to you, that's some nice work!
Practice is always good....it comes in HANDY!

Nice work.....beats me hands down.

Bet you're glad I didn't just PALM you off with any old puns eh?

On a serious note.....only the one left hand?
Is that because you yourself are left handed?


Sorry for the bad puns but you should know my sense of humour by now...like the back of your hand!

Not sure why you didn't post your question....you raised a very valid point.

I just enquired as to the 'left' hand thing because had 'I' have done something like this most of mine would be 'Left' hands.....I'm right handed so I would use my left hand for reference....and that would be from 'my' point of view.

The fact that most of AM's are 'right' hands lead me to think that he would be left handed...using his right hand for reference.

That's just the way my tiny warped mind works.....like spotting a guitar player by the length of their fingernails on one hand.

I must get out more.

Hi Tom, i just wake up when i post the question and my mind play a trick on me, my question was wrong, because was literally not philosophical. Only possible if the image is a mirror :cheesygrin: .
I dont know if understandable, it's hard for me explain this kind of things in english :biglaff:.