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Looking for a PS genius to make our wedding photos look happy, healthy and wholesome 👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻‍♂️

My husband and I finally got married this year after a horrendous amount of Covid cancellations. Unfortunately due to my newly discovered autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, a massive interstate move and a bunch of other health complications I was actually at my heaviest weight ever on our wedding day.
Our wedding was amazing, we had the best time but I just feel sad when I look at our photos and see how unhealthy and unhappy I look - because not long after our wedding I was diagnosed with a bunch of chronic illnesses and I feel much better now! We got engaged in 2018 and it was just terrible timing that I ended up looking my puffiest on our wedding day.

I am looking for someone who can subtly but effectively make me look my best in our wedding photos. I can supply photos of me currently or earlier in our relationship when I look slightly younger/healthier so that you know what I’m looking for. Honestly, I just don’t want to look at our wedding photos and be reminded of how hard 2020-2022 has been and how unwell I’ve been. I want to look at our wedding photos and just feel joy over all we’ve achieved together and how much we love each other. But right now, seeing photos of myself in mid 2022 just reminds me of how much I’ve physically suffered and it’s really sad to me …which sucks.
There are also a couple of images that we might like to have touched up so everyone is smiling ..and my hubby looked soo handsome, but I know he wasn’t feeling his best either (we both had a very stressful year) so he might want a couple of cosmetic changes made. I also had my dress taken out last minute which turned out to be a huge mistake because it made my cleavage really just way too much and now a lot of the images just make me feel uncomfortable.
Anyway, these are the myriad issues we would love to have remedied. I thought it might be easier to meet via zoom to go over everything, so if this sounds like something you would specialise in, please hit me up!!

(PS. I know this is a busy time of year, so we are happy to have our images done a few at a time if that’s easier.)
PPS. I really value privacy, so I don’t really want to post our images in this forum, but if this sound like you’re skillset please send me a message and I’ll send through some sample shots so you can get a quote together and/or we can go through the images on Zoom and you could put a quote together that way ❤️


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What is the status of this job? Anyone hear from the OP?