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Hello all! Intro + Question

Hi, I'm Jas and I'm from the UK :)

So, I'm very new to Photoshop although think I'm catching on quickly. I do some modelling so I thought I'd start learning to edit my own photos, I'm really enjoying the process actually.

That said, my friend has sent me a photo she wants me to edit and it's giving me a massive headache. I've managed to do the fiddly bits like making the bits of hair more defined so I can select them etc.
However now I've finally done all that, the selection tool is driving me insane. On googling it tells me to reset it which I have..

Basically I can't see the moving dots around it unless I'm clicking the button - and I can't deselect parts either. It's driving me round the bend - and now it's decided to select the whole picture including background and won't let me deselect it, whilst also disappearing if I am not clicking the mouse button.


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Hello and welcome.

Please describe the fiddly bits. What workflow are you using?

If you're using an alpha channel selection process, you should never need the Quick Selection Tool.

The channels panel has it's own selection icon located at the bottom of the panel.......
Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 2.56.34 PM.png
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An alpha selection needs to be completely black and white to work effectively. You should only be using Level adjustments (Cmd + L), the Brush Tool, the Dodge Tool, or the Burn Tool.

Alpha Channel Masking Tutorials

Masking with channels.

Using channel to make better selections in Adobe Photoshop.

How to mask hair in Photoshop.

ADVANCED Hair selection - Masking hair in Photoshop.
Ah thank you! I ended up making it into its own layer so I could select it then just shoved it on a b+w background and called it done because it was stressing me out lol.

Fiddly bits was the hair, I was trying to follow a tutorial - the original had a tinted light which I didn't want but couldn't make the colour all go white in between the hair. Actually thinking about it now, there probably is a way to do that.. but it didn't occur to me. The bits of hair - some of them were blurry too so I tried to define them by zooming in and just doing them bit by bit. Then of course it wouldn't select it all.. sigh.

Thank you for your response though and it's good to know for next time that the channels section has its own selection.. d'oh. Ah well, this is only day 2 of using photoshop so I'm sure I'll learn in time! and thank you for the links, I'll save them for next time.
That's a lot of reluctance and dots................lol. Sorry, It's probably basic stuff I'm asking. It is baffling trying to get the hang of it though and google wasn't giving me the answer.

I was trying to put part of her original image onto a different background. Issue was the tinted picture (it was a yellowish tint), hair a bit blurred and I couldn't select it without getting the yellow in. I was just playing around really, I'm still getting to know photoshop.

I've moved on to editing one of my own pictures now, I've made it black and white and added a background which I think looks ok. Getting rid of the creases in the dress without it looking really edited/manipulated I'm finding hard though. I'll try some more tutorials :)

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No reluctance! I was basing my initial assessment on your original screen shot in post #1. I assumed you were working with an alpha channel selection process even though you had not mentioned it.

Getting back to your original problem, I don't think there's anything wrong with the Quick Selection Tool...(only three!) it may have been your expectations were above what the tool and your current skill level could deliver. No harm there! It just takes time.

Given that this is only your second day with Ps, I would suggest that you spend more time watching tutorials on Ps basics. Watch tutorials on each individual tool and learn how they work.

Good luck and never hesitate to ask questions. Someone here will do their best to offer help.


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Getting rid of the creases in the dress without it looking really edited/manipulated I'm finding hard though.
Sorry, I meant to address this. This technique may be well beyond your day 2 abilities. It's hard enough for some who have been working in Ps for a few years. Don't get discouraged, just slow down and learn how to use the tools.
Okay thank you - and yeah I probably am getting ahead of myself. Just wanted to work on what I'll use it for straight away so was using trial and error and google to help me along.

Appreciate the responses :D