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Hello everybody !


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I am dkjphoto and basically I'm a photographer.
I'll be popping in here every now and then to discuss, talk and show, if you don't mind.

I wouldn't call myself a "Photosho Guru" at any length, but I do use Photoshop for various things and I'm still on .. hold on while checking, please .. Photoshop CS 6.
Well, I still haven't found any really good reason to upgrade to the CC versions yet ..

Some time ago I went off with a 3D application. So I use that and composite images in PhS.
The end produce is always PhS since the 3D application is good, per se, but leaves a lot to wish for.
I'll up an image here (no 3D) and then I'll be heading over to the Show Room for some more - ok ?
Ok !
Laters !