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Hello from beautiful Montreal


I have been into photography since 1988, switched to digital in 2007. I have been using Lightroom since 2009, and wanted to use Photoshop, but it was so expensive back in the day, I could not justify the expense. With Adobe Cloud services, I can now have it and Lightroom for a small fee and I try to level up my expertise in post-production.

(French is my first language, so don't hold my grammar, syntax or sentence construction against me... )

Thanks for having me, I do not bite.
Welcome to PSG, Bruno! It's a pleasure to have you on board. Don't hesitate to pick our brains. We certainly don't know everything about PS, but hopefully, we can at least figure out a good direction to go, LOL.

By the way, how are the leaves on the trees up in Montreal?

I ask because my wife and I will be in Montreal next weekend, and then will slowly drive back to Washington, DC through the Eastern Townships and New Hampshire to hopefully catch some fall colors, take a few photos (like the thousands of other tourists, LOL), eat some good food, visit some relatives along the way, etc. etc.

All the best,

Tom M
Moderator, PSG
The leaves are turing yellow and red, but there is still a lot of green in MTL. The Townships will have way better colors though. I usually go take a drive in the Magog area at this time of year, might do it this weekend.
Thank you for the information, Bruno. Based on what you said, my wife's preferences for Quebec City, and my preferences for the Townships, it now looks like we are going to skip Montreal and head directly to Quebec. We spent a very nice week in Magog a couple of years ago and I'm looking forward to visiting Magog and the more rural surrounding areas again. Maybe if one of the ski lifts in that area is operating, take it up to the top for a better view, and a different stage of leaf colors.

Thanks again,

Tom M