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Hello from the UK

Hello all, I've been searching for ages for a forum like this one. So few people seem to be interested in making digital art montages. The ones I talk to are mostly scared of Ps.

Having found montages in 1998 I spent the next 13 years doing anything but, so please don't take too much notice of the comment above.



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Hi and welcome to PSG.
Although PS isn't at all limited to composites this part of PS is unmistakably my favourite part too.
Feel free to share your work here.
Hello Eggy,

I agree and you are of course right, I used Ps for making Cyanotype negatives and still for doing what I did with an enlarger. For doing stuff like that I think it's the easiest and fastest program. If it wasn't I guess it would have failed years ago.

Cheers and thanks for the welcome.