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Hello PSGurus :)


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Hello everyone,

my name is Dennis and I am from Germany.
I am a Student of mechanical engineering but I love to play around in Photoshop in my spare time.
Everything I know so far about Graphic design, compositing and Adobe Software in general is completely self taught as I just love to play around with this stuff.
Currently I am really into all kinds of compositing because I love creating Artworks with just basic Pictures.

I joined this forum because I am searching for one place to discuss my works and get tips from people who really know a lot about photoshop (aka Gurus ;)). I am especially interested in lighting, color correction, perspective and compositing in general.

My introduction question is which of the subforums would be the right one to post in and ask for general advice?
Thank you all in advance and I hope to have a good time on the forums.

I attached a composition to this thread so you can get an idea of what I am talking about.

Regards Dennis (DOh)