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Hello gurus! I have the cs6 student pack in my laptop. I need to go to school for autoCAD and cannot afford a new machine. If I remove cs6 to install autoCAD 2015, can I still keep the program and install on another machine later? I used my second machine already but it fried and I cannot remove it I don't think! my apologies if this answer is right in front of me, I am not good at all with specs and system requirements. Thank you guys!


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My advise is to keep the photoshop,
If you have 64-bit operating system and since you have Photoshop cs6 installed in your laptop you can run smoothly Autocad 2015.
If you cannot run autocad smoothly the best option is to install autocad 2014 or 2013.
mine is autocad 2010
If you really need to remove photoshop download Adobe Cleanup Tool.
Your OS is window 7 if I am mistaken you had XP operating system that means your computer specs is really low for Autocad 2015, 2014, 2013,
If you had XP, better install Autocad 2010
If your problem is Disk space, install Ccleaner, it would help you clean your PC and keep important files.
And manually delete some unimportant movies(videos), pictures, music or in your download folder.
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