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hello, I am new to the Photoshop program, relatively new to the web experience and have a couple of questions if that's ok.

1) Is there much difference between PS 6 and PS 7 besides the paint engine [i am lousy painter anyway] and the browser? The reason I ask is for creating graphics and am wondering because I can get 6 for a better price than 7 if the differences are not too much other than what I have suggested here.

2) how long does it take to learn Photoshop in comparison to say PaintShopPro? I am not asking to create a comparison but simply to gain an understanding of just how much I have in store for me. OK?

Am I too new to be here? Do I need to go somewhere to learn basics first? Can somebody help me with these questions?
Welcome to the forum Dude :perfect:

No you are not to new to be here, when you get your Photoshop installed what we usually suggest is that you just open it up and play with all the controls and tools to try and find what everything does, After you have done that for a while you move over to the main site (just click on Mark's picture at the top of this page) and start working through the tutorials in the Beginners section. And don't be shy to pop back over here and show us how you are making out. All the people here are friendly and helpful.:D

As far as Buying version 6 or 7, that might be a budget thing for you but if you can swing it i would recommend Version 7 right of the bat.

Hope this was some help to you [confused] :D :rofl:
If you can buy a version 6 right now, then be very careful. Adobe themselves only sell PS7, so it will have to come from some other photoshop user. If this user is registered at Adobe, then he has to contact Adobe first and ask for a special paper to fill in on which he states that he sells his license to you. If this procedure isn't followed, then you never have a legal copy.
It's not permitted to buy an upgrade and to resell your former version either.
So take care!:perfect:


Hi Dude and welcome to the board :perfect:

If you can get Photoshop 6 for a lower price, then git it. It is true, there are no major differences between 6 and 7. The only reason why I use 7 is because of the patch tool.

In my experience it doesn't take all that long to learn the basics of Photoshop. I studied for example for about two weeks with videos and books and already felt quite comfortable with the program after a month. It all depends on how much time you put into it; in the beginning I spent a daily 2 to 3 hours on it.


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Thank you, and for this information.

I really did not know this and sort of was hoping to start as cheap as possible. OH well, I guess I will have to save some more. Ouch.

I just bought PC Format and it has version 6 tryout so I thought I must be able to buy it or register it. Must go back and read the information more clearly. If I make some art with version 6 try out can I post it here or does that count? Thank you.

Also it is ok to use version 6 tryout then try out version 7? This will allow me to have longer to learn. Is this ok? Thank you. :) :( :)


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Welcome dude.

Can't say much about 7 coz I don't have it yet. Though I've been hearing alot of great stuff about it.

One must play around with the controls to learn what each tool does. Open any image and fire away, don't worry if you end up with a mess. What's important is you learn the functions. Afterwhich, you can begin taking tutorials.

And furthermore, KEEP ASKING. The members here are open and willing to help. Small, insignificant questions sometimes provide bigger solutions.

Welcome aboard dude! You've already received some great advice... all of which I echo. Be assured that nobody is too new to be here. We all started where you're at right now and that's what we're here for. :)
Welcome to the community Dude.
Hope you enjoy your stay. [excited]

You can feel free to post images you do no matter what version of PS you use, and whether it's the trial version or a full version. It makes no difference at all.

And thanks for all the great info here everyone.
You've done yourselves proud; as usual. :perfect: