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[Help] Making an action for moving layers on the x axis to the widest width of a selected layer

Haven't posted on a forum in probably a decade. Hope someone is able to answer! Basically, I have pixel sprites. I want to animate them using .css. Say 3/4 (could be more or less) sprites are 40x40. The last one is 68x40. I've found that laying them out in a line and separating them by 68 pixels for a total width of 272 pixels versus 188 makes the animation work perfectly. The trouble is, not all of my sprites are 40x40 or 68x40. I was wondering if there is an easy way to make an action to take the width of the largest sprite in a series of selected layer and separate all the layers by that amount? I hope you understand what I mean. I can provide an example spritesheet if it helps.