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Help me choose color combinations for fixing my Grandpas old Truck.


I just inherited my Grandpaws old 1978 Dodge Ramcharger and I'd like to see your take on color combos for either a paint job or wrap.
I'd like the idea of leaving one of the colors and wrapping the other but I'm not opposed to changing the whole thing either.
Looking for somewhat of a military, tactical, or hunting theme.
FYI it's a "convertible" the whole top comes off from the windshield to the camper top and it's a roofless single cab pickup.


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Can you make the Part that you inserted the flag into Black and also Black out the indentions in the hood?

I wanted to se what this will look like in a few different color combo's

Can someone please change the "cream" to black and black out the indentions on the hood?

I'd also like to see it:
All black
Change the brown to black and leave the cream.
Change the brown to black and change the cream to the original brown of the rest of the truck.

Feel free to match the rims and play with any other color combinations you think might be good.
thanks in advance! You guys are awesome!


It does not have to be perfect if that helps at ll. I just want to get an idea.

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Color Change

Can someone change the light brown parts of the two tone truck to black and make the rims look like the ones on the green truck?

Thanks in Advance!!
Re: Color Change

Back again, huh? Have you done anything with this old truck yet?

Personally, I'd do it this way. But, I like black vehicles.


Run your truck through Google images and you'll get all kinds of ideas.
Re: Color Change

AWESOME! Thanks so much!!
Its in the shop and should be ready by march 25th. Im lifting it a little, adding some engine mods, and new tires. the engine upgrades took most of the money i was going to use to paint it but i do think I'm going to get some one to vinyl wrap the black like your photo. Its still not very cheap but much cheaper than painting the whole vehicle. I wasn't sure if even that would be worth it as a temp fix but now that i can see what it looks like I'm definitely going to do it! It will eventually either be all black or all white but i will be able to use vinyl to have a two tone that i can change up every so often. similar to the one below. Its a 78 dodge ram charger "Pop top" like the red one below.