help me Get rid of these jagged edges



I'm making a new flyer for my company Rugged Thug - I create the images in photoshop at 300 rez - When I shrink them down to the thumbnail size - it leaves jagged edges on the text and images - I know that using vector is better for this than rasterized - I'm trying to make the thumbnails in photoshop then do the layout in Illustrator (which I'm not good at) The images in the thumbnails is too pixelated - How can I do this so the thumbnails will come out smooth like real magazine artwork? It's driving me crazy and I have to get this done - Any advice would help ! \:]

Welcome starcarlton...

How are you creating the thumbnails right now? What method are you using?

Make sure that your image within PS is in the RGB mode; not BMP or Indexed. Those with not scale well at all.

After scaling down, you can apply the Unsharp Mask to your image. Try the settings: 111/0.5/0.
After sharpening, use the FADE Unsharp Mask function within the EDIT menu. Set the Blend Mode to either Darken or Lighten -- whichever gives the best looking results to you.