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Help needed for shirt design Photoshop. Much appreciated.


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Hi, I'm trying to design some shirts but I needed Photoshop to visualize them to study how they will look.

1) In the blue shirt pictures that I sent, there is the original picture and a comparison pic. I want to see in three different ways compared to long sleeves (i.e. three different pictures with the long sleeve on the left remaining the same like for example the left arm with long sleeve and the right arm sleeveless).

a) 1st picture is sleeveless.
b) 2nd picture is short sleeve.
c) 3rd picture is very long sleeve

2) In the 3 white shirt pictures, there is the original picture and 2 ideas I'm trying out. They are for a costume of sorts. I'm testing a tattered and stained look. The instructions are inside the 2 white shirt pictures with words in it. You can change the background color if it makes it easier to see.

So there is a total of 5 pictures that I need. Thanks a lot.

Pictures link

Please email me at indigocarbine@gmail.com or you can just post it here. Many thanks.