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Help Producing Flyer/poster for charitable event


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Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me out of a bit of a problem.

I organise a free Emergency Services event each year, but need a new poster/flyer that we can use to promote the event.

I have done some work using photoshop/illustrator but the results are not good at all.

As this is a charitable event i am hoping to appeal to someones good nature who can create a poster for us without charge?

My thoughts were for the poster to have the emergency services pictured, so, ambulance/fire engine/police car/helicopter/blood bike etc. if possible?

If anyone can create a poster/flyer for me id be really grateful.

Details needed are:

  • Caldicot Castle,
  • Sunday August 13th
  • 11am-5pm
  • Free Entry
  • Parking £2
  • also need logo, which i can forward onto you.
Thanks In Advance!!
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