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Help Refine My Logo Please?


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Hey, everyone! I was so amazed at the work you're all able to do, and I have another request. This is the logo for my blog, and I need help refining it. I was hoping someone could clean up the edges (the black is a little choppy), and maybe do whatever you think might make the silhouette look better? You can change the crown if you'd like, but please include a plumb-bob somewhere on it :) And remove the dotted line at the bottom - I didn't mean to keep it there. Overall, I just think it needs a more delicate, expert touch to help it look more professional. Thanks in advance!
Also, I'll write a thank-you on my blog for all your help and link back to you wherever you'd like :)
Also, if someone could make the background transparent on this, it would be great!

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