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Help to make a text effect


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I'm somewhat new to photoshop and I saw this cool text effect that someone had made. I messaged him to ask how he made it and he said it was a layer style preset that you were able to paste on the text that you want. I thought it was really cool that you can just paste it on the text you want. He didn't end up helping me to do it, so I have come here to see if anyone knows how. I basically just want to make the glowing wave part shown on the text below, and be able to save it as a preset to paste on whatever text I want. If anyone knows how make something like this and save it as a preset, let me know!
Here is the text preset I am trying to do:


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One of the main reasons that your question is hard to answer is because there are virtually hundreds of thousands (if not more!) possible variations and ways you can customize a layer style. It would be a challenge, if not impossible, to try and figure out what the guy used in the example you provided. It's unfortunate that the guy did not offer you the layer style he used. They are too easy to save and share. Some people, right?

Being new to Ps, I suggest that you watch as many vid tut's on text related layer styles as you can. Doing so will teach you how they work. This is how I learned. I performed and completed many of the tutorials until I pretty much had it figured out.

Another option is to do a browser image search on Ps Text Layer Styles. When you find an image that's similar to what your looking for, click on the image and then visit the page. It may be a tutorial or just a group of layer styles.

Another would be to refine your image search to Photoshop Tutorials On Text Layer Styles. If you see something you like, click on the image and visit the page.

OK............having said all of this, I will try and see if I can figure out the layer style settings this guy used. But no promises!

Hope this helped!